Why geeky doms are the best


This was written by Brainchild at FetLife.  (Must be a member to view).  I’ve been going through her writings this morning and so many of them resonate with me like whoa.


1. INTELLIGENCE. Give me a smart Dom any day over the Domly Lord Macho Man. The smart guy knows He doesn’t know it all and spends an inordinate amount of time continually learning to be a better Master.

2. PATIENCE. They’re methodical. They’re used to solving complex problems. They even welcome such challenges and they know that there are subs out there that are complex and challenging as hell. These subs do not intimidate a geeky Dom.

3. APPRECIATION OF A SMART SUB. A geeky Dom loves a sub with a brain, they know You can’t fix stupid. She may not be the prettiest or have the most beautiful body around but they don’t care… They LOVE smart! Smart trumps physical beauty any day. They aren’t intimidated by such a sub and in fact welcome her wit and insight and love her mind. A sub with brains loves this right back… so many Doms can’t handle her intelligence.

4. THEY LOVE A PUZZLE. Lord knows that a smart sub can present a puzzle to most Doms. Not so the geeky Dom, He is inquisitive and loves to solve a puzzle, (it’s His nature) especially the puzzle of an intelligent and independent woman who craves to submit to the right Man. He will take his time and use his laser like mind to delve deep into her psyche, figure her out and put all the pieces together and claim her as His before she realizes what hit her (pun not intended).

5. MASTERS OF THE MIND FUCK. Intelligent subs can be quite a handful. They often outsmart their wannabe Doms seeing right through them and quickly getting bored and frustrated (insert eye rolling subbie here). Ah, but the geeky Dom can see right to the core of this subbie, knows what makes her tick and can wrap his mind around her essence and whip her little brain into a chaotic frenzy and drop her to her knees before she knows what’s happening and she’ll never see it coming. Trust me, we appreciate this ability… we crave this ability… we need this ability.

6. QUIET TIMES, NATURE WALKS AND NPR. A geeky Dom doesn’t have to be all “macho” all the time. They are confident enough in their dominance to let go and be content to hold Their sub in Their arms, spending time on walks or sitting on the back deck on a spring afternoon, listening to the birds chirping, watching the squirrels and deer romping about and just enjoying “being”. The bonding achieved doing this is incalculable. His sub is putty in His hands.

7. BETTER LOVERS. Oh yes! Lord Domly Dom thinks He’s a great lover because he has a cock Ha!. Not so the geeky Dom. He’s studied a woman’s anatomy and physiology, he knows the rhyme and reason behind her sexuality and uses it to his advantage thus making him a most exquisite lover. And when he has claimed His sub, he has studied her as a person even further and knows intimately what makes her tick, what drives her wild, what brings her to her knees begging for more.

Yes, give me a Geeky Dom any day..

Note: This is an old writing that MasterChirality loved, said it was His favorite thing i ever wrote. i LOVE that it’s back up and so many are loving it once again and by doing that, loving Him. Thank you everyone who has stopped by to love and comment on this… He was the Ultimate Self-Proclaimed Geeky Dom and i loved Him so… xoxoxoxo









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The main character could still potentially be named Woody.

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Woody would be a regular old hard plastic vibe. Buzz is the new-fangled Hitachi. The slinky wiener is a set of anal beads.

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