How I found out Orgasm Denial was a fetish…


Recently, perhaps a month or so ago now, I was watching porn. I had branched out of my usual fetish porn and was trying to find something new and exciting. I came across a vidio I had seen before, but I had never watched it with the sound. So I put my headphones on. This girl was going through what I can only describe as the most intence pleasure I have ever seen.

She Begged… She begged and begged and begged. “Please can I cum Sir, Please please please can I cum SIr”

She begged soooooo much he eventually told her to sstop asking.

I could tell at the beginning of the vidio she had alreaady been there a while, the cream dripping from her sex had dripped all down her bottom and on the the table before the clip even began.

Then to my horror, the clip ends without the release.

I felt such intence desparation for her, I made myself cum over and over trying to find release from the desparation but I couldn’t because it was her despartion I wanted released and not my own.

I searched the internet for her, to see if she did get to cum. My search turned up empty. I was quite upset at this point. I started to seach orgasm denial, female orgasm denial and I came accross a particular blog on tumblr.

I found out that denial was an actuall fetish, and cosidering I have been part of the fetish scene for 6 years I think that it was mostly me turning a blide eye as I very much enjoy my orgasms. I found out that women want to be denied, more than that, they crave it the desier it they beg for it.

This brought great comfort to me as I could then imagin that this lady in this clip wanted to be denied, that they had a perarranged agreement and it was consentual. I will never know the truth about the situation, but I can at least be happy in the thought that people do want to be denied there orgasm. Even when there are so so close their whole body knows nothing but the plleasure/pain feeling of being on the edge.

I read my way through the whole female-orgasm-denial blog in about 3 days, and I came so much. But now here I am trying to edge for a Christmas orgasm. Not to reset my orgasms, not for healing like I did before, but for pleasure.

I don’t know if I will like it. But as a bit of a scentist, who am I to pass up an experiment when it presents itself so beautiful to me…

What a lovely write up from a newly converted denial slut!

Tell us your stories, followers. How did you discover denial?