I really admire you. I hope I can be a good housewife like you someday. Do you have any tips on how to attract a sensible man that will put me in my place and take care of me?


It shouldn’t be too difficult to find a man who desires being dominant. The real challenge for girls is finding a man worth submitting to, and one who treasures the gift of submission you want to surrender.There are too many men and doms out there looking for a chance to take advantage of a vulnerable, submissive girl. Be picky, be safe, and know what you’re looking for.

I personally suggest looking for alpha men. The ones who are in control and have their life together. He should be strong, determined, rational, and responsible. Steer away from emotional, needy guys, or guys with trust issues. The man you’re looking for should be educated, have a good job, and be emotionally and financially stable.

Attracting men is easy when you figure out what they want. Most guys looking to settle down want a good looking girl with a kind heart who respect them. Stay in shape. Work out and keep your body toned. Dress to show off your curves. Do your hair and put some makeup on. Lots of dominant men are attracted to feminine women. 

The personality needs to be there too. Show a potential partner that you know how to treat your man with kindness and respect. Don’t bring drama into the situation. He should feel respected and appreciated. 

Pro tips? Let him pay for the date and let him make the moves (sit back and relax! let him sweat it out!

😉). If you’re a little further into the relationship, ask him for help with “manly” stuff that you claim you’re unable to do (think heavy lifting or something that requires handiness). Make sure he knows it’s appreciated. Remember, you want to do this in a “i’m helpless, please rescue me” kind of way rather than a naggy/chore kind of way. Girl, lemme tell you, guys eat it up like pumpkin pie.

Again, don’t fall into the trap of throwing yourself at every dominant guy you meet. Attract them, sure, but make sure they live up to your standards too!

P.S. push-up bras work wonders 😜


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