Hump or Dare

So over on my Denial blog I wrote a long article on the Art of Humping.

While writing that I came up with the idea for a Wheel of Denial that helped with the game, in fact, I came up with two, and so here they are.


No, you can’t add links to pictures in text posts – but well done trying to click it.

Suggested Game Rules

  • To be played with two or more friends you’re comfortable being open about your sexuality with (but it’s okay to stop the game if you’re not enjoying it, K?)
  • You stay clothed (at least to start – that makes it an easier thing to try), and you sit next to or opposite each other on the bed. Having equal number of clothing items makes it fair (unfair can be hot too though).
  • Then you both start humping the pillows between your legs, you have to do it for two minutes to warm up, then one of you gets to ask their first question – it’s normally sexual in nature, describe a fantasy, what would you like to do to, etc. You both keep humping while they answer.
  • If the other person answers, great, if not they have to do a dare (you do NOT pick beforehand, it’s answer a question and if you won’t or can’t, you get a dare as a forfeit).
    Spin the wheel below to get your dare (you can agree in advance you get one ‘pass’ on a dare if you wish, makes it a bit easier.
  • You may only pause humping for dares to be completed, unless it tells you to keep going.
  • Once a truth is answered or dare done, 30 seconds more humping and then they ask the question.

How to win

You don’t have to have a winner, it can just be about the experience, but you could play it so the loser is the first one naked (or too exhausted to hump any more if you’re going for fitness). 

Decide what the winner gets before you play…

Here are the wheels – at last:

Hump or Dare – Question Wheel

Hump or Dare – Dare wheel

Both wheels are customisable by scrolling down the page and adding your own questions (and deleting options you don’t want).

I’ve made them so they’ll ask the same questions again (i.e. they don’t disappear once picked), but you can turn that off so it removes them once asked. Otherwise, just spin again if you’ve answered already. Simple! 

Have fun, and don’t do anything I wouldn’t do…


Submission – seeing the world through edging eyes

Please keep me anonymous, but I found at least 3 of these ‘stickers’ from the new IOS + the Rent the runway app to be… applicable 😂


Let me put some shortcodes on those…So from top left we have:

(denial high), (denial buddy), (let’s celebrate (1 week denied))
(edging (left handed)), (edging (right handed)), (where shall I stick it?)
(chastity belted), (denial bitch), (I came without permission)
(ready when you are), (he said yes), (HE SAID YES)



Animal rights activist: how would you like to be locked up in a cage & treated like property

Me, a kinky fuck: Look I’m not saying I disagree with your point but


Hi James, the only times I’ve ever been able to come is with clitoral stimulation and I really want to be able to come from my fingers inside of me any ideas on how to help?


I believe that God was fucking with you when he put your g-spot juuuuust out of reach of your fingers. Or maybe it was just his encouragement to get someone else involved, as it’s the perfect distance for someone else to reach in and rub.

Either way, my point is it’s really hard to make yourself cum from vaginal stimulation from your own fingers. Even if you do manage it you’ll probably get such cramp in your hand you’ll wish you’d never heard of masturbation.

There are two easy answer though. One is toys, two is use somebody else’s hand.

Assuming the latter isn’t available (and please don’t do it without asking, humping a stranger’s hand without permission is illegal everywhere but Ohio) then you’re left with needing to use a dildo. Even better, with a suction cup dildo you don’t even need to use your hands, so you can use them for things like nipples and stopping your face hitting the ground.

If you don’t have a dildo check out my DIY Sex Toy suggestions – your g-spot will thank you for it!