At Work Today


I had the kind of day that constantly brought this quote to mind:

On two occasions I have been asked, — “Pray, Mr. Babbage, if you put into the machine wrong figures, will the right answers come out?” […] I am not able rightly to apprehend the kind of confusion of ideas that could provoke such a question.
 Charles Babbage, Passages from the Life of a Philosopher (1864)


Hi, James! Thank you for the blog, it’s gorgeous! I finally started denial thanks to my new partner. But turns out being denied by someone else turns me on too much and I end up having pain in loins area after just a few days. I guess, it’s due to blood going down there too often for too long? I really want to be denied for longer time, but I feel like my body can’t handle mere days of not cumming. What would you recommend as a ‘schedule’/way of denying me? Your big fan, pre-op transgirl FJ xoxo


Sounds like you’re getting ‘Blue Bean’, the ladies equivalent of blue balls. Ouch. It’s not that common but very real if you do get it. I’m not sure what causes it, and not surprisingly there’s been no real research on why (oh but you can bet they’ve done tons of studies on men’s testicles, can’t you…)

Firstly it can vary a lot depending on where you are with your menstrual cycle so do try experimenting with that.

But fundamentally, the easy fix is just to cum after a few days if it starts to hurt. And do try that, but also by trying it you may find you can slowly go longer, that’s quite common, you get used to it and it takes longer for Blue Bean to kick in.

Failing that the other advice is try ruined orgasms! When it gets sore, give yourself a nice hard ruined orgasm and you’ll often find it alleviates the problem but you stay nice and horny as though you hadn’t cum.



Let us know how you get on!


I’ve just realized I’m since 3pm reading your blog and I’m fascinated. So of course I got really wet and have even edged once, it felt so good that makes me want so much more. Though, it’s really hard trying not to cum :( I think I can’t go to sleep right now, but I need to. Please, what can I do?


No more touching for you, young lady. You are not allowed to put your hands below your waist for any reason. 

Your breasts though, you can still play with them and your nipples as much as you want, but that naughty, horny little pussy stays untouched until dawn, when you will edge, and ONLY edge again. You may touch once more during the day and then tomorrow night you must read my and other blogs, watch porn and masturbate for three whole hours without orgasm, 

If you do that, you may then cum.

If you fail and go over you must ruin the orgasm and start again, this time three days without cumming.

Is that clear?

Good girl


So I was scrolling through your blog and Im new to the whole edging thing and I listened to cals curse and it kinda works. Its so frustrating!!! I didn’t believe it would work but now every time I try to cum I get a ruined one; when I cum it fades away so quickly. I can’t have an orgasm now or edge and it’s so damn frustrating ! I suffering here 😢


You love it.

Listen to cals curse at least ten more times as you edge.I don’t want you being able to cum without permission at all.

You’re not to even attempt an orgasm until you’re done with that.

Good girl. Welcome down the rabbit hole…